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Childrens Rights Florida
Childrens Rights Florida Campaign leader

Florida law provides that when a parent refuses to honor the timesharing schedule, the other party may (a) seek modification of the…Read More

Florida: The Law on Modification of a Parenting Plan,Timesharing, and Parental Alienation Syndrome - Avvo.com

The modification of a parenting plan and timesharing schedule requires a showing of a “substantial, material, and unanticipated change of circumstances." § 61.13(2)(c) and (3). The substantial change test applies to modification of all custody agreements or decrees. Wade v. Hirschman, 903 So.2d 928 (Fla. Sup. 2005). Under the Wade 2-part test, the…Read More
Scott Adams
Scott Adams Campaign leader

Children in joint custody arrangements had less behavior and emotional problems, had higher self-esteem, better family relations and school…Read More

Children Likely to Be Better Adjusted in Joint vs Sole Custody Arrangements in Most Cases, According to Review of Research

WASHINGTON — Children from divorced families who either live with both parents at different times or spend certain amounts of time with each parent are better adjusted in most cases than children who live and interact with just one parent, according to new research on custody arrangements and children's adjustment. Psychologist Robert…Read More
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