Adoptees must be free from a law legalizing the falsification of permanent records.

Message from Joyce Bahr, President:
New York adoptee rights legislation will give birth/ natural parents the option of filing a contact preference; New Hampshire, Oregon, Maine and Alabama currently have similar laws. The birth or natural parent could choose contact, no contact or contract through an intermediary. The adopted person would get a copy of his birth certificate regardless of the contact preference. If the birth or natural parent chose no contact the adoptee would know contact by them was not welcomed.

The norm in today’s society is for birth or natural parents to welcome contact, and data proving this has been published on Department of Vital statistics web sites in Oregon and New Hampshire. Kansas and Alaska never closed their records and other states have recently opened records because laws never existed in any states assuring confidentiality to birth or natural parents.

Advocates believe the right of the adoptee trumps the right of the birth or natural parent because the adoptee was not privy to the surrender paper signed by the birth/natural parent terminating their parental rights. Mothers who surrendered to adoption were never promised confidentiality or privacy, but were shamed by society and adoption agencies which made it easier for them to be manipulated into surrendering.Times were very different on the 50's and 60's when women were not empowered to speak out against manipulative tactics used by adoption agency social workers and parents. Most birth/natural mothers know the sealed record law from 1935 is unfair, outdated and discriminatory.

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Board Members
Joyce Bahr, President
Joan Morgan, Vice-President
Ellyn Essig, Legal Advisor
Darlene Kennedy, Legal Advisor
Carole Whitehead, Legislative Liaison

UI Upstate Chapter Leaders
Father Mark Diebel, Upstate Chapter President
Charles Gridley, Upstate Chapter Vice-President

UI Regional Coordinators
Bill Aronis, Ulster County
Cherie Horning, Albany & Surrounding Area
Felecia Pirrone, Lower Adirondacks
Kathy Brush, Rochester
MaryAnne Parker Hancock, Rochester
Jeff Hancock, Rochester
Melinda Warshaw, Westchester
Marian Athy, Long Island
John Carway, Long Island
Theresa Hood, Long Island
Gail Jerson, Long Island

1. NY adoptees be given equal considerations permitted by law to all non-adopted citizens

2. NY adoptees should have access to and attain his/her Original (long form, line by line vault copy) Birth Certificate.

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