Because the lyrics of my songs tell my vision of social problems, of the psychological rootes of them, that have social expression, and…Read More

Dalle violenze sui minori nascono sofferenze di ogni genere, per quanto vengano nascoste, che agiscono in negativo, a livello inconscio, psicologico-psicoanalitico, sociale, etico autenticamente, e amoroso, emozionale, etc. Nascono tendenze terribili verso la violenza, che si ripeterà nel seguito…Read More

I'am a survivor and now have my own page on how domestic violence has impacted my life, i agree DV shouldn't be silenced children teenagers everyone needs to be aware of what abuse is and why it isn't acceptable. that's why I've pledged.

Pledge to Take a Stand against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Just watched Bulworth with Warren Beatty again. Everyone should watch it.
The new genocide of children is greed and power.
SuperLawyers (right...) that charge more than the defending parent. are hired to "defend" an abuser in child custody.

OJ Simpson, Richard Dupont, Baretta, daughter of Wal…Read More

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