I promise to never commit, condone, or remain silent about domestic violence, sexual assault or child abuse.

I will encourage men and women to mentor children to live violence-free, and I will work together with others to end all interpersonal violence.

I will report all known, suspected or witnessed incidents of domestic violence or child abuse to the appropriate authorities/organisations for support and assistance.

I will educate myself as well as my friends, family and children about healthy relationships.

I promise to teach my children to respect, self-esteem and self-worth.Living optimystically to overcome domestic violence and child abuse

Optimystic Bikers against Abuse:

Raise awareness around women, men and child abuse and provide a helping hand to those who have been on the receiving end.

For more information see our website: www.optimystic.za.net

1. Stand Up and Be Counted 

2. Don't Look Away

3. Live an exceptional life. 


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