GRASP (Global and Regional Asperger's Syndrome Partnership) have started this online petition. All of us who are GRASP members are being asked to forward this petition far and wide, which is designed to get as many signatures as possible to exert pressure on the American Psychiatric Association to not reduce or tighten the criteria to obtain an autism diagnosis. Doing so would redefine autism and take us backwards in time, when so many of us grew up thinking of ourselves as bad, broken and damaged, not unique and differently-wired. Many children and adults with the official diagnosis may lose that diagnosis, meaning the loss of crucial supports, services and legal protections. Many of us adults, including us who are self-diagnosed, may lose what answers and closure we may have found. And future generations would have to grow up as so many of us and our forbears on the spectrum have had to.

This petition can be found at this link:

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