We break down nervously already, desperate cases after cases coming up every day and we can no longer face so many terrible situations more and more often. How can we help so many souls in need? We answer to phone calls, e-mails, direct approaches, we find them in our way, we try to solve more cases but it is impossible for us to help them all.
So it is the case of these two small souls, who were abandoned near the garbage. This is the sad story of two innocent beings that are now waiting for a solution from us.
We kindly ask you to support us in solving this situation, dramatic again, we kindly ask you to make publicity on various sites for us or you have the possibility to post our APAM banner and maybe in this way more people will know us, who will want to adopt dogs from us, to help us with food, medicines, donations and so we, in our turn, we'll succeed to bring a good end to more desperate cases. THANK YOU!

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