`BUDDY as we have named the pup wasn't but around 2-3 years old. The neighbor has watched this dog suffer for to long. She has called police, animal control, SPCA and others trying to get this dog some help SEVERAL different times but nobody would!

This dog has been beaten by the family! Mostly by the 11 year old child that lives there. He was tied up outside ON A WIRE (no collar, or rope or leash, just a WIRE) 24/7 without food, water, shelter or shade in the rain, heat, snow, and sleet...

The other day my friend looks out her window to this dog having seizure's caused by a heat stroke... It was 100 plus degrees and this family would go days without feeding the dog or giving it water... it just stayed outside, forgotten half the time and food thrown out to be rotted by the rain and elements (but never on a regular basis even).

She went over to help the dog. Called police, animal control, SPCA all over again and still no help! So she ran the dog to her vet... her vet would not help since she ''stole'' the dog and so she took it to another vet who sedated the dog and put in an IV and did what they could to monitor the dog. While this dog was fighting for his life, the police called the lady who rescued her saying she was going to be arrested once she got home for 'stealing' this dog!

Later the police said as long as she did not air this story on the news they would not arrest her... but after a long night of fighting the temperature would not go down and the dog kept having seizure's and eventually he passed away. RIP BUDDY 06/29/2012.
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