PLEASE VOTE for Critter Camp in IL 61039 in these 3 contests EVERY DAY & SHARE!



We are currently # 3 in IL in the Shelter Challenge and need to be #1 to win a much needed $1000! 

There are no posted standings in the second contest so we just need all the votes we can get- the grand prize is a commercial during the Super Bowl! How great would that be! Plus we are in the running for weekly $1000 prizes!

We are climbing rapidly in the PAL contest!

Be sure to vote everyday and share on your wall & ask your friends to vote too!! The 350 forgotten small and exotic pets at Critter Camp for sanctuary NEED your support! We are all willing to volunteer 80 hours a week to clean feed care and love them but we need $ to support them! Contests are the best way to do that because so many of our followers are struggling to make ends meet as it is- this way you can help without spending a cent! 

Thank you!!

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