WANTED : 800 Participants for exercise in participatory democracy, to engage with the Government of Belize and the Ministry of Natural Resources toward the establishment of a national policy on land distribution.

On Tuesday 26th February,

...if you are a Belizean and you would like to own your first piece of land, …if you know of the frustrations at the lands department,  ...if you’re tired of politics being played with national assets, ...if you are alarmed by the low rate of land ownership among Belizeans, ...if you are an area representative whose constituents deserve better service,...if you believe Belizeans should be fully informed about the sale of national assets,...if you believe in support open government and or open dialogue...if you see land as one of the keys to poverty alleviation
ATTEND the National Land Reform Demonstration Starting 10:00am, during the next sitting of cabinet, on the steps of the National Assembly in Belmopan. For transportation, call or text  626 6168.
EMAIL [email protected] to publicly state your position on the distribution of national land.
TEXT keyword  ‘ lands ’  + [ your message ] to 662 2981 to state what you do or don’t like about the way we distribute national land or how it could better.

Financial and logistical support are needed for the physical aspect of this exercise. Incidentals include, water, first aid kits, a blow horn, diesel for transportation and printing services. Persons with the ability to assist in cash or kind are therefore asked to call or text 626 6168 or  661 8050

*Land is a finite resource. Speak now or the average Belizean will NEVER own a piece*


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