Save Elephants from the Illegal Trade in SE Asia

I want to thank you all for your continued support of this important project. Last November we rescued an abused female elephant from a forced breeding program and we filmed her release into the elephant sanctuary.

We have accumulated more high-def material for BLACK MARKET and produced a youth documentary on the subject of the elephant crisis with a 14 year old host from LA. It's Called "How I Became an Elephant." We had an amazing sneak peak in Hollywood, CA on Dec. 4th at the Artivist film festival.

Watch sneak peeks of the films here:

BLACK MARKET: In this raw and unnerving documentary Rattle the Cage takes us on a journey deep inside the grisly endangered species trade where illegal trafficking of rare animals is a profitable industry for organized crime networks and unscrupulous buyers. It exposes the unsettling truth and bureaucratic indifference surrounding the multi-billion dollar trade driving countless species into extinction.

We have finished production on "How I Became an Elephant" but are in desperate need of finishing funds and acquisition.

We have also finished a 30 minute documentary on the release of 6 former trekking elephants to the jungles Thailand. Lek Chailert of Elephant Nature Park has tried something unique and promising. Hundreds of elephants are due to be release from captivity in the following months. We captured it all on HD.

Do NOT delay, friends. Please make a tax-deductible donation to Rattle the Cage.

For the Animals,





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