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 He took from their mother kittens newly born and, with an hard to imagine cruelty, put them in a plastic barrel which he left in the middle of the street to die there either of hunger, either killed by an animal or any other cruel death "offered" them this INHUMAN. 

RIGHT NOW  The kittens fight to live and they are in APAM`s Sanctuary. Although it is very difficult for us to replace the "mother cat", we have a great satisfaction when we see their fight to survive and especially if we'll succeed to help them till the end, what we wish for very much. They are so small but they begun to open their eyes, they eat very well and none of them shows signs that would have any problem, which gives us great hopes. We thank from our souls to all our supporters, who are always believing in us and support us unconditionally! 

website: www.apam.ro

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