Irani Family News Update

  • Update #9

Iranian secret police reportedly broke into the home of Kristina Irani, Behnam’s wife, confiscating her laptop and Christian materials. While they were in her home they were yelling at her, which really frightened the children, Rebekah and Adriel. Please pray…Read More

Update on Pastor Behnam

  • Update #8

We understand that Pastor Behnam is suffering from further intestinal bleeding. Please continue to pray for him - that he will be healed and that God will be close to him in prison. Please also pray for his wife and family - that all their needs are met…Read More

Latest News

  • Update #7

Contacts report that there is a bout of flu going round the prison where Behnam is detained. He is reported to be in good spirits but please pray that he would not be affected by any more health issues and that God would restore him physically. Please also…Read More

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