Boycott all companies that promote Halal products & services - Come and support the cause - Having researched halal worldwide over the past few years, I have found that the Halal Industry is pushing to get all mainstream suppliers to only sell halal meat. Many Good people fought against animal cruelty in slaughterhouses for years...and they won the battle.... but now we are seeing a rise of a much worse slaughtering method than we ever had.
Why are we tolerating 7th Century cruel conscious ritual slaughter methods when 21st Century humane methods are available? Boycott Halal & Demand Clear Labelling (in English) on all halal products worldwide."

The right to know what you are buying is basic. Triply so with food. Ask where you shop if the meat is halal, and refuse it if it is. We cannot allow this shyster like Pascal’s wager to be played on us, where producers figure that if all meat is Halal then they do not lose any of their market share. They have to know that the cost of Islamification of the west, as well as abandoning all civilized rules for agriculture and animal husbandry, is the loss of the business of we poor kuffar.

1. Educate

2. Lobby

3. Protest


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