Romania Animal Rescue is setting up free spay/neuter campaigns in Iasi, Tirgu Neamt, and Piatra Neamt. We need funds to be able to spay/neuter over 1000 dogs and treat them for parasites. I hope that we can raise enough funds to s/n 2000 + dogs. We have a veterinary office to work in already in Iasi, a...nd Dr. Aurelian will be traveling to Tg. Neamt and Piatra Neamt to set up places to work there. This is a huge endeavor - Tg. Neamt does not even have a vet in town! Dr. Bachman from California will also be going to help with this program. Please donate if you can. The animals are counting on us!
We still are providing our free spay/neuter services as funding allows for many charities, shelters and individuals in Romania. Simply put, we need help from you to continue to help the animals. The cost of s/n in Romania is not affordable for the majority of Romanians. Thank you with all my heart!
Nancy Janes,

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