Middle school is where children ages 11, 12 and 13 are usually first exposed to drugs on campus and around them. They graduate from Elementary school and into the pre-teen peer pressure and early stages of drug pushing.

This is the most vital point to intervene and make sure that kids really know what drugs will get them into. Obviously with the amount of drug abuse in young people, whatever we are doing is NOT working well enough to cut it.

This program has documentary style videos of kids telling the truth about drugs and also information packages on every kind of drug and their side effects.

Do you want our nation's children to be well informed about this? Please help spread the word to get this added to public school curriculum in the 6th grade and up starting with the Los Angeles Unified School District LAUSD. Los Angeles is one of the largest sprawling school districts in the nation and it also teaches the children and next generation of people living in the media capital of the world. We can set an example in Los Angeles by getting this in place and then advocate it's use in many other major cities.

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