The 100 spay/neuters for Craiova have been celebration, Romania Animal Rescue will provide another 100 free spay/neuters for Speranta Pentru Animale Craiova and Oana Popescu, and 50 free spays/neuters and treatments for sticker tumor for Nanu Madalina in Craiova.
In addition this month, Romania Animal Rescue was able to spay/neuter 73 animals in Herculane, 75 animals in Petrosani for GIA, 100 animals in Ramnicu Sarat, 45 in Tecuci, 25 in Iasi, and 10 in Bistrita for Tora Bistrita. This is all thanks to donations from you good people. In addition, we have been tasked with the treatment of a poor female dog with a Sticker tumor (a sexually transmitted disease prevented by spaying). Please pledge to support our spay/neuter programs and donate if you can. You can donate either via this page, or via our website at :, or to our paypal account at: [email protected]. Each spay/neuter costs RAR $22. This is the real solution to prevent suffering animals in Romania! Thank you! Nancy

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