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Dear Members,

First and Foremost, our thanks for joining, now you too can recruit others by telling all your relatives and friends to do like you and join the noble cause, because now we need to make it to 5,000 members within 10 days. Adm.

From 500 within one month we reached over 1057 members, so now we can make it to 2000 cause members, but our aim is for 200,000 and this can only happen with your help. So spare some time join and then inform all your friends. If you have not as yet joined now, and then tell all your friends to do…Read More

I do congratulate all the recent new members that jointed recently and now that we reached this figure of over 594 within just a few days, if we would tell all our face-book friends so as to join like we did, then within the next few more days we would also reach the 1000 figure. So let us all help…Read More

Dear Members,

Ladies & Gentimen,

First I must Thank you all for your Support and the good effort to those that have recruited others to join, by passing this notice...

As the organizer of this cause may I forward you this special message to…Read More

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