GrandMaster Jean De Valette's sword and dagger were stolen from Malta by Napoleon's french troops. Please RETURN this BACK to the Maltese Nation.

This protest is against the taking and looting of various treasures / items belonging to other nations such as what happened when French troops looted the sword and dagger of La Valette which was still in Malta 200 years after Grand Master De Valette's death. This happened in the year January, 1799 when the French troops also shot and killed Dun Mikiel Xerri with 17 others on the 17th day of January. The Maltese were fed up of their occupance and had planned a plot as they were left without food etc.

When the French troops discovered this, before it could be executed by this Maltese group, a total of 49 people were arrested for plotted an insurrection, and Dun M. Xerri was among them when he was shot near the Governor's Palace.

So the troops looted all our Palaces and Churches and took their treasures. Those that participated in this plot where finally killed in front of the President Palace, Valletta, Malta.
The greatest treasure stolen was the sword and dagger of the GrandMaster La Valette, being a special gift from King Philippe II of Spain in remembrance of the 1565 seige on the islands.
For this reason we expect that the French Nation / President would do just as the Italians did when returned various artifacts taken/stolen from other countries during their colonial period. The various arts and all other precious treasures that had been taken or looted or stolen actually belonged to the Maltese Nation and not to the French nation.

(6) The French under Napoleon usurped all the Maltese treasures and riches which they could carry away on their ships back to France. Such a task was normally was done by pirates and not by a civilized nation. For this reason we expect that these treasures be returned back to the Maltese Nation to effect justification of what Napoleon had done in those days.



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