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Calling all Police Departments/Fire Departments, Truth Seekers, Supporters of Law and Order, Justice Seekers, Law Enforcement Agencies and Organizations, to reveal the truth about 9/11, means arriving at the "third stage" of accepting the truth - "knew it all along", was pre-set explosives and control demolitions that brought down the three towers, killing the nearly 3,000 people and killing and ruining the lives of thousands more, and not the office fires or the two two planes like the officials claim - "the two Twin Towers brought down in approximately 9 seconds each and Building 7 in only 6.5 seconds".

9/11 could not have been a terrorist attack with NORAD "nowhere in sight", not even at the Pentagon, otherwise, the 4 hijacked planes would have been intercepted within minutes of them veering off their scheduled flight paths - 9/11 was a live terrorism drill (about 25 or more that were being held on that morning), which included planes smashing into tall buildings and the fear and terror generated also would be ongoing and unending, with the threat of Al Queda ever present in the American psyche. 46 drills of 9/11 - how 9/11 was orchestrated.

1. NYPD 9/11 photos reveal the WTC Towers violently exploding and falling within seconds, multiple floors at once, and not pancaking from office fires as officials claimed.

2. 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out.

3. "Take a look at the buildings falling down - they fell down because explosives went off inside" - Former US Army Intelligence Chief Major General Albert "Bert" Stubblebine.

4. "Equal justice for all" = a criminal investigation of 9/11.


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