From Andrea Scorpia:
Tania, a 38 years old elephant taken from "Le Cornelle" zoo – Bergamo, Italy, at the beginning of September, has NO optimal conditions in the environment she is held. After having visited her twice, we noticed that Tania was always closed. Other people have confirmed the same thing; she has been seen only closed in the same box since it came to Targu-Mures. She has been kept for two months only in its individual box, which in fact is divided into two, each part having 52 square meters. The indoor venue where her individual box is placed has approx. 730 square meters, too small for a 3.5 ton elephant. There is no pool; the only one mentioned by the zoo manager is in fact a very small hollow in the floor, which gave us all the impression that is part of the shelter design. There is no water source, but a sort of water tank, which is not enough for an elephant that consumes up to 130 liters of water per day. As one can see, without being a specialist, Tania is depressed and her behavior is specific to captive animals held in unsuitable conditions. It is known that elephants live in family groups, but the zoo manager told us that she can't stand other elephants, which seems strange. Tania lives in an environment which is not suitable for elephants. There is a lack of professionalism because such an animal, with adaptation problems (as it is said), should not have been sent in a place where the keepers know almost nothing about elephants treatment in general. Many people, ordinary visitors, were horrified by the way she is held and how she behaves. Tania is sad, making the same balance movements (called "the bear tic"). Tania has the same place where she lives daily. She stays there to be seen by visitors, eats and sleeps in the same place where she is exposed for hours to her mess and urine. Tania is suffering due to an improper location for such a big animal of 3.5 tons. TANIA HAS TO LEAVE IN ORDER TO LIVE IN A PROPER ENVIRONMENT!"

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