Being a mother is the most privileged profession that a woman can have. This year, I celebrate a second Mother's Day, without my precious Mom, but am thankful that I had the last 13 months of her life, to spend quality time with her and tell her how much she really meant to me. I know that she was…Read More

Dear Friends,

I wanted to keep you updated on what is going on with the cause and on continued efforts to educate others about "The Choking Game".
Our revamped presentation is titled, "Is it Really Worth Dying For?" and is targeting secondary students, parents and other involved adults.
On Monday…Read More

Our goal for the past two+ years has remained the same - we must "educate to eradicate" this activity! Far too many adults know nothing about the "Choking Game" and many of our kids like it that way! Our first presentation on "The Choking Game" was in March, 2009 and since that date I have talked…Read More

Happy New Year, Friends!
On Friday, January 14th, my oldest daughter and I spoke to a group of close to 700 intermediate school students (grades 7 & 8), at San Jacinto Intermediate, about the dangers of playing the "Choking Game". Students were very attentive and respectful during the entire…Read More

My Dear Friends,
As we face the second Christmas, without our precious Jenny, God has placed a sense of urgency on my heart. I want EVERYONE - children, parents, school personnel, those in the medical profession, civil servants, neighbors and friends to learn everything that they can about the…Read More

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