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We are trying a new fundraiser.......we are hoping to raise as much as possible from today until August 1st!! All we need from you is $1 dollar!!! Please Share with everyone and help us raise as much as we can!! If just everyone that has liked our page donated a dollar we could raise $1,347!!!!! Our vet expenses are climbing! In addition to vet expenses we have the cost of food and anything else…

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All of us understand the issues of over-flooding animal shelters and the interest in developing no-kill zones where pets can be re-introduced into society when they find a loving home. That's what Forgotten Tails is all about! That's why we would like to share some cool tips from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter and ask that each one of you abide by these commitments and share them with your…

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Hello Friends, This year we have helped find forever homes for approximately 500 FORGOTTEN TAILS in the DFW area! We are so proud and happy to celebrate this momentous effort and ask for your help to continue the good work. If we could get 500 people to donate just $3 each, we could raise enough money to pay current vet bills for some of our very sick forgotten tails, and start the year off in…

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