Rex is walking

  • Update #6

This is ridiculous. Now he's walking all over the place. He's having a slightly easier time getting up by himself, and he's actually getting up and walking from room to room now. I got home today from being gone all day, and he got up from where he was lying…Read More


  • Update #5

So, you guys ever heard of instant karma? I mentioned in my last update, in the comments, that I didn't really blame any one person or company for what happened to Rex because it was unpredictable and nobody did anything wrong. Rex just had a bad reaction. I…Read More

Rex Recap

  • Update #4

A lot of new people have joined so I thought I'd recap what happened to Rex, as a refresher. On April 18th, I took Rex to my vet because I noticed he was having issues peeing and was not quite acting like himself. My vet kept him for a couple days and got a…Read More

Rex update

  • Update #3

Today was Rex's first day on his own at home while I went to work. As expected, he had to pee during the day but I was fairly amazed to learn that he went from his bed in front of the couch and dragged himself all the way around the couch and made it halfway…Read More

Update on May 28, 2013

  • Update #2

Sorry for the lack of updates, wasn't able to see Rex this weekend and they were closed yesterday, and I was swamped at work today (thanks 3 day weekend), but I just got a call from one of Rex's doctors. They believe all his functions are within normal range…Read More

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