So you know this is a man I've known for a number of years on my Siberian Husky List so this is legitimate and SHARP will be donating towards this also.

Marilyn Hubley

What's Going On? Rex recently had surgery to remove a testicle that had sort of merged with a tumor. The surgery went fine, but when he came out of it the doctors gave him a sedative that caused him to have a seizure and stop breathing. They got him breathing again, but since then he hasn't been able to use his legs. He can move them a little bit re actively, but he can't stand, walk or even sit up. He can't even roll over, he has to be flipped over by hand. The doctors believe physical therapy will help him to recover, as he's shown improvement in leg strength after having water therapy a couple times and other kinds of physical therapy.  Why Do You Need Money? When I got Rex, I started a savings account specifically to handle things like this, medical costs, emergencies, whatever. But it's not enough to handle long term recovery, and after spending over $12,000 already on his care, I am almost out of money. I easily had enough to cover his surgery and recovery, but not this long term disability. Every day he is there, it's another couple hundred dollars. While he was in the ICU it was almost $1,000 a day. As a man, and as Rex's dad, it's not easy for me to admit that I'm going to fail in my responsibility to care for Rex. All the preparations I made weren't enough, and there's nothing else I can do. If I can't keep paying for his rehab, I'll have to take him home where I have to leave him alone for 10 hours a day because I have to work.  My pride is not as important as getting Rex the help he needs, so now I'm asking for help. I'm already trying to cut my expenses to keep it going for as long as I can but I'm pretty close to hitting zero now and I'm out of options.  This is all about Rex and keeping him in therapy so he has a chance to get better.  How Much Should I Donate? I'm very aware that a lot of Rex's friends are rescuers, and rescuers never have any money. :) The minimum amount is only a dollar, and if that's all you can spare it's much appreciated. Every penny will help pay for his therapy and hopefully his recovery, and even if this only buys him another few days in therapy, it will make a difference.

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