I have two wonderful successes for the animals to share with you!  On Friday the RAR team was in Tecuci to spay/neuter 105 animals for the community.  On Saturday the Dream Team moved to the neighboring town of Adjud where they performed 100 more free sterilizations.  All thanks to donations from YOU!

Here is Mihaela Mocanu's documentation of events from 

"Hi dear friends! The Association for Animal Protection Tomita and the people from Tecuci are very grateful and thank all of those wonderful people who made possible the castration of 62 dogs and 43 cats. Thank you RAR and Sterilize Dogs and the generous donors, thank you Nancy Janes and Maria Farro, Dr Aurelian Stefan, Dr Irina Corbu, Dr Ana-Lucia Udrescu, technician Ruth Osborne, thank you the volonteers who helped us every month, and also thank you to the City Hall for provoding us a vet clinic where we were able to castrate in good conditions the animals and for giving us a car to bring them to be castrated. We are happy that our Mayor, Daniel Tuchel, not only promised, but also he kept his word. Good job, Mayor!Mihaela Raducanu, President of Association for Animal Protection Tomita, Tecuci"

and now from our wonderful Vet Tech, Ruth Osborne, about the Adjud campaign:

"It has been two long and busy days for the RAR surgical team. Friday saw us arriving bright an early in Tecuci where the Mayor opened proceedings. We worked long and hard into the night helping 105 dogs and cats lead healthier lives. We waved goodbye to Tecuci and arrived in Ajud before midnight. It was a pleasure to see the people of Adjud again. Here we operated on 100 dogs and cats including a huge testicular tumour. The people bringing the animals they care for really understood the importance of spay and neuter. Thank you to everyone involved in these last two days and most of all thanks to anyone who has donated to RAR, as without you none of this is possible."


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