Best friends animal society are a dedicated charity with dedicated caring staff and need dedicated caring benefactors to be able to carry out their fantastic work without the monetary restrictions.

Thank you all for taking the time to care. We as a cause are dedicated to the welfare of all animals that have had the misfortune to meet one of life's animal abusers. These animals mainly end up in shelters that are run on funds raised by different charities and organisations. If not for people like you people who care many of these animals would die in the first few days of arriving at a shelter.
Most shelters rely on us to save these animals as operations and medication does not come cheap.
One these animals are put back together medically the long job of socialising begins. For some the outside world is a nasty and cruel that can’t be trusted. Everybody is the enemy. Building up trust can be a long haul but without this the animal may never find that forever loving home a home that every animal deserves.
Please as a member raise awareness by posting our link to your Facebook wall every once in a while. If you could also recruit your family and friends and ask them to do the same.
Dave Dillon

1. Our aim is to attract members who can afford to donate to the charity on a regular basis no matter how little or much!


3. It would be nice if members old and new were to recruit family and friends to the cause and post our link once in a while to their Facebook wall.

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