Update on March 12, 2013

  • Update #4

It's raining here in the NE.  In Rome, 115 Cardinals have sequestered themselves in their sacred room, behind closed doors, until there is a unanimous vote.  Eventually, white smoke will rise from the Vatican, the sign that a new POPE has been chosen by a…Read More

Update on March 11, 2013

  • Update #3

Good Monday morning!  We've had the weekend, we have sprung forward and might feel a little sleepy and off-track.  Let's get back ON TRACK, remain pro-active and work towards doing SOMETHING to REJECT/REPEAL the SEQUESTER! We are on the side of the POTUS,…Read More

Update on March 07, 2013

  • Update #2

Good Thursday Morning!  Safe passage to those of you in the midst of, or expecting, the Winter storm! It's the night after the POTUS invited 12 Republican House members, to a delicious dinner.  Today, there will be another lunch for more Republican House…Read More

Update on March 06, 2013

  • Update #1

Good Wednesday Morning!  Thank you for joining this Cause to Repeal the Sequester & Replace it with "Build America's Future" Act!   We are building our support base and thank you to all who have shared this Cause!  Please help us continue our efforts to…Read More