To President Obama and the Congress of the United States:   We have signed this Petition to"Repeal the Sequester"and replace it with an emboldened  "Build America's Future" Act, a recommendation we agree with, put forth by Robert Reich.

We are here to remind you that we voted you into office in 2012 and wish no bargaining that creates ANY loss of SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the like!  No chained CPI's! 

We are disgusted with the disingenuous behavior the right-wing GOP and Tea Party has used, at any cost, to railroad all Bills, Acts and FORWARD action.  We are beyond frustration. "Tempus Fugit!"

We have given you the ability to stay in office and continue your Mandate.  Please accept our input and influence while we stand behind/beside you!

Following are the details that Mr. Reich has recommended:

'Many of you have good ideas for what the President should do now. My sense is he should push to repeal the sequester (a reconciliation bill in the Senate would allow repeal with 51 votes, thereby putting pressure on House Republicans), and replace it with a "Build America's Future" Act that would close tax loopholes used by the wealthy, end corporate welfare, and reduce the size of the military. Half the revenues would be used for deficit reduction, the other half for investments in our future through education (from early-childhood through affordable higher ed), infrastructure, and basic R&D. Also included in that bill -- to make sure our future isn't jeopardized by another meltdown of Wall Street -- would be a resurrection of Glass-Steagall and a limit on the size of the biggest banks.

I'd make it clear to the American people that they made a choice in 2012 but that right-wing House Republicans have been blocking that choice, and the only way to implement that choice is for Congress to pass the Build America's Future Act. If House Republicans still block it, I'd make 2014 a referendum on it and them, and do whatever I could to take back the House.

Many of you touched on other aspects of what should be included in the President's second-term agenda. But the main point is for the President to reframe the public debate around the future of the country and the investments we must make together in that future, rather than austerity economics; and to focus on good jobs and broad-based prosperity rather than prosperity for a few and declining wages and insecurity for the many.' - Robert Reich

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