Child abuse victims face such large obstacles as they attempt to move beyond their abuse into adulthood. This pain cannot be swept under a rug. Many suffer in depressed loneliness turning to self-harm, alcohol or drugs to mask their pain, or suicide and extreme anger when they cannot. Do you know Abused Kids – Child Abuse Support is one of the few large child abuse causes that actually use the funds to heal abuse victims?

Through our "Removing Chains program Ark of Hope Children is reaching these victims to bring them to new found hope as victorious survivors. Mostly using the Internet our Survivors Coaches are able to reach out through safe live chat sites we have built, or email, helping them build upon their past rather than remain as victims of it. Dozens worldwide have been helped thanks to the beauty of the Internet.

But, the road is long, depending on the length or severity of abuse. Our efforts are largely unfunded and we need your help to not just continue but to grow our force so we can reach many more in need internationally. If you are able to give more we will of course be grateful, but we pray you will give even a small amount of $5 or more.

Then, whether you have given or not, please continue to share this call for help. Together we are creating a legacy of hope for child abuse victims!

Thank you! Blair Corbett, founder, Ark of Hope for Children

Also find us on twitter @AbusedKids and our Facebook page for this cause;

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