Several Australian wildlife groups have lodged an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal with regards to several issues listed above. This is a Tribunal which decide on the legitimacy and legal

Between 70-80% of all kangaroos shot are currently female.
This means that there is a population imbalance between males and females. Obviously there are more females than males now as most of the big males have already been shot which leaves the females to be shot. The other issue which is even more serious is the fact that female kangaroos often have a joey at foot. Which means a joey who no longer lives in the pouch, but needs its mum for milk and protection from predation as well as to learn life skills. When a shooter intrudes on a family unit and shoots the mum, this joey at foot hops away frightened and will die a slow death of predation or starvation as it will not get the necessary nutrients that it still requires for growth. This is a fact of the kangaroo industry, and it is also a thorn in the Governments side as there is currently nothing in the 'Code of Practice for the humane killing of kangaroos' that deals with this issue.





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