World Peace...Grown Locally

Friends Forever is dedicated to promoting peace in historically troubled global regions by teaching young people of different faiths that they are more alike than different. Friends Forever believes that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders—so the organization seeks out dynamic young individuals from regions of sectarian divide to help them build trust with their “perceived adversaries,” erode misconceptions, and lay the foundation for long-term positive relationships that they then carry back home to educate and influence their own communities in tolerant behavior. Friends Forever does not believe there is one set path to peace, but rather that the number of solutions to conflicts in the world today equals the number of individuals that participate in our program.

Our mission is accomplished through original and powerful group programs that are carried out in phases both in the US and abroad. Through these unique trust-building processes, Friends Forever erodes the fear and mistrust that divide cultures in conflict to create enduring cross-community friendships. Since 1986 we have worked with over 1,000 youth from Northern Ireland, 150 youth from the Middle East, and are now working with diverse populations and immigrants from US communities. We accomplish this by leveraging the skills, resources, and enthusiasm of individuals and communities across the globe. When it comes to world peace, there is a place for everyone....right here!

For more details, contact us at 603.433.7607 or [email protected]


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