The day after Black Friday is now Selfless Saturday! Join with me and many others as we show appreciation for people who work in the customer service industry.

BE KIND TO SERVICE WORKERS DAY is dedicated to anyone working in a service-related position – salespeople, servers, fast food workers, grocery cashiers, car washers, bartenders, teachers, librarians, trash collectors, flight attendants, mail carriers, fireman, policeman, and call center agents just to name a few. There are over a 100 million people working in jobs that provide customer service.

On Saturday November 24, 2012, the day after Black Friday, show some love to the folks who work in customer service!

Do something nice for those that serve you!

Surprise them with a random act of appreciation. Give them a big tip, a coffee card, a box of chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, homemade cupcakes or cookies, or buy them a free lunch! If you don't have money to spend, write a sweet thank you note, or tell them personally how much you appreciate what they do! Write a glowing compliment for corporate, or talk to their manager about how awesome they are! Allow the person who provides you with customer service to feel appreciated for the often under-appreciated jobs they do.

We are living in a time where technology advancement, corporate greed, and customer entitlement have caused the dehumanization of America. Many customers and corporations do not see the face of the humans serving them behind the counter. Service workers are often looked down upon, abused verbally and physically, and treated like subhuman batteries that can be that can be abused, used up, and replaced.
I’ve worked in the service industry for over half my life and I’ve written two funny books about my experiences – Retail Hell and its newly released sequel, Return To The Big Fancy. While I was subjected to many horrible moments of customer rudeness and verbal abuse during my 20 plus years of working in a fancy department store, it was always the caring, appreciative customers who saved my day and made the hell dissipate. They made me feel respected and appreciated amidst a sea of entitlement and rudeness. They made me feel that what I had done for them mattered and they were grateful.
Whether it was a box of See’s chocolate truffles, a mocha latte, or a glowing compliment on a customer comment form, these custys extinguished the fires of my retail hell! I remember one older lady who was Japanese but grew up in Hawaii. Several times a year she would make a Hawaiian lei out of flowers from her garden and bring it to me at The Big Fancy counter! While I didn't wear it while working I did drape it around the register area and all of us enjoyed the floral smell and beauty while working in retail hell!
One simple act of appreciative kindness can go a long way.
Although we can't do anything about the attitudes and policies of corporations and the hatefulness of rude customers, we can rise above them with compassion and gratitude!

See the human serving you.

As we head into the holidays, many service workers are being forced by greedy corporations to work on Thanksgiving Day and miss the holiday with their family and friends. Most of them are used to having their personal lives ruined by greedy corporations and they accept it. But the rest of don’t have to! Let’s make the underappreciated service workers we approach on Saturday November 24, 2012 feel like a million bucks! Like their personal sacrifices do matter, and the service they give makes a difference our lives!

Let's turn that negative black energy into a blast of positive sunlight and give "thanks" to the people in our lives that serve us.

Join with me in turning the day after Black Friday into Selfless Saturday!

Be kind service workers!

It will make their day...and yours.


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