I have rescued and helped Romania street dogs for more than 10 years. Some are wild feral dogs who need months of rehabilitation. Other dogs have been abandoned or lost, and often are perfect pets who were unlucky to have the wrong human companion.

Working with animals from passion, I try to understand their feelings, and the drama they live on the streets. I often compare their situation to that of humans.

This story is about the three slumdog millionaires. Spotted by a celebrity animal activist from USA in the port of Constanta during a cruise vacation at the Black Sea, these three dogs were rescued by the ROLDA team, who immediately picked them up, sterilized them, and gave them quality care for about two months while their surgical scars healed and the papers for travel were completed.

The celebrity kindly paid for Kongo, Melony and Cathy to be flown to her home in the USA, and made a generous donation in support of ROLDA's work in Romania.

A man named Tim was the first person to meet these three dogs at the JFK airport, near New York City. Tim kindly said that "These three had the best rescue team to care for them and the best possible US home!"

Read more: http://rolda.org/Weekly-News/romanian-slumdogs-millionaires.html

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