Ark of Hope for Children has built a new live chat victim/survivor support site that needs you to fulfill its full purpose! Removing Chains features 15 live chat rooms focused on different types of abuse.

For years we have helped victimized youth online through the many social networks. These include male and female, young and old survivors of;

Child abuse - Child trafficking - Ritual & Demonic Ritual Abuse - Bullying - Depression, Self Harm & suicidal thought often rooted in abuse - complete list of 15 chat rooms here

Survivors seek us out hoping we will listen, believe and help them cope. We mentor and connect them to professionals as able. Now we need your help! Removing Chains is live but is not up to the par of help we want to provide. Funds will be used for; 

•   Full library of help materials

•   Background checks for EVERY mentor

•   Training library including professional live webinar led trauma training

•   More computers for local volunteers and moderators and more!

*Donations are fully tax deductible

As noted to the right you can also receive with your donation;

**For $25+ gift you receive Roger Case's Be aware 100% music video

*** For your $50+ gift you receive Project 50 Files dual disc set including 6 music videos and 12 songs by many national country music artists singing about children. It includes Wayne Warner, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Taylor Swift and more.

**** For your $100+ gift you can receive both the Be aware 100% music video AND the Project 50 Files dual disc set

**** For your $200+ gift you can receive Your copy of The Pursuit of Truth, an eye opening professional documentary about adult survivors of child sexual abuse seeking justice, the Project 50 Files dual disc set AND the Be aware 100% music video

* less the retail value of any appreciation gift you choose to receive (based on IRS rules)

Consider monthly support that helps us greatly towards budgeting and planning. Thank you for leaving a legacy by helping us Break the chains of child abuse to lead survivors into lives filled with faith, hope and love 

If YOU need help NOW check out Removing Chains or contact us by email

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