Action is needed to help animals raised for food. If you eat meat or are already vegetarian.... Would you be willing to commit to the following pledges in an attempt to help reduce the suffering of factory-farmed animals?

1/Not eat meat one day each week, or add a day if you already skip days or try a vegan day each week if you are vegetarian

2/Buy only cage-free eggs

3/Receive 1 educational email each month about factory farming and what you could do to help.

If you are willing to commit to the above pledges, please send me your email address (never shared) and state of residence. I will add you to my monthly educational email. [email protected]

PLEASE TAKE THIS PLEDGE AND DO YOUR PART TO HELP! Consider joining my group VIP..Veggie In Progress.

Please share ...thank you. I hope to hear from you soon...! Lois

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