The city of Bayonne in the South West of France seems to think that it is necessary to be torturing animals in the name of "tradition" in the 21st century. . We are calling on Mr Jean Grenet, the Mayor of Bayonne to stop with the Corrida (killing of the bulls) immediately.

Many cities in France and Spain have stopped with bull fights and we ask Mr Grenet to take his city into the future by setting high standards and becoming a good example for the rest of the world to follow. Yes Mr Grenet, we know you can do it! STOP the CORRIDA.

Attached is a video of the abuse suffered by activists in the SE of France in October 2011. This shows the barbaric nature of the type of people who support the Corrida. The Mayor, Police and public abused people who tried to save the animals. The situation has gotten out of control in France, we need to stop this now.

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