How far is too far when helping a still traumatized young child abuse survivor? How far is too far in reaching out to catch a youth aging out of foster care that is not prepared to care for themselves? We have heard the cliché statements like "Pay it Forward" and, "What Would Jesus Do?" 

Constant trauma from severe abuse was never addressed and they are years behind in school. We ask, how does an 18 year old get a job and began caring for themselves under such emotional strain? They don't… not without direct long term help.'

So, in the spirit of our UnChained Project motto No Survivor Stands Alone, we are bringing this person here to our office/home in Florida. Bringing them from the west coast of the U.S., roughly 3,000 miles away. We need your help and here's how!

We have launched our first UnChained Project - "No Survivor stands Alone" T-Shirt! $20 buys a red or black, men's or women's t-shirt as you see on this post. $30 buys a black hoodie.
Click this link to order yours today.

We must get commitments for a combination 75 shirts and hoodies before the order will be processed. If we don't reach 75 in three weeks then nothing ships and nobody pays. But when we sell many more than that this young person gets their trip and we get funding to help many more like them. Ark of Hope believes THIS is how far we as a compassionate people must go.

Ark of Hope for Children's UnChained Project is moving all of that to the forefront. As we are asking people to step up in their communities for survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying, we are making a large step of our own. A young person Blair Corbett has been mentoring online for quite some time is living the first part of this post. Aging Out. Failed by the foster care system.This is a Win-Win! Your purchase helps those suffering from abuse by directly supporting our programs. And you wearing the shirt shows you as a torch bearer for survivors that live in your area of the world. 

All initial proceeds help get this deserving young person to Ark of Hope where we can directly help with care, mentoring, tutoring and helping this young person slowly move towards a successful independent adulthood. The balance of funds go to our support programs like Removing Chains our online live chat support site helping victims of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying daily worldwide.

Maybe a T-Shirt isn't your way but you do want to help. Then please support our "No Survivor Stands Alone" entry into the online #StartARyot / CrowdRise Challenge sponsored by Ryot News. Donations through that 5 week campaign ending September 24 can help us win many thousands of bonus dollars. These proceeds still help our Removing Chains and UnChained Project programs, so they directly help young and old survivors of all abuses. 

We would love for you to do both, but PLEASE support one! If you have never witnessed the light of hope come to once hopeless, fearful eyes you can be a part of it now. Time is critical on these challenges and for the person we are helping. Please donate and share often. The many we mentor and support need you. WE NED YOU.

all donations tax deductible

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