Dear Cause Members, 

I need your help to prevent wild dolphins from being imported by captive facilities in India. We are at a critical time in our campaign. 

We desperately need nationwide legislation to make dolphin captivity completely illegal. We have been working with the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO), an umbrella organization of Indian animal protection groups. Together with other organizations, we convinced the Animal Welfare Board of India to issue an historic nationwide advisory against holding dolphins captive for display or performance purposes. This is a huge step. 

Now we must get other governing bodies in India to take similar positions -such as the Central Zoo Authority and the Central Government. We can do this! 

We also need to oppose individual facility proposals. There is a chance that one of the facilities may source it's dolphins from Taiji. We must increase pressure on these facilities and raise local public awareness.

We cannot do any of this without your support. Your donations will go towards matierials, filing fees and travel costs for our Indian counterparts. 

It is absolutely vital to ensure that India remains dolphin-captivity free. If even one facility opens, well - lets just say that it's reasier to keep the floodgates closed than to shut them after they've been flung wide open. 

Together we can win this and keep dolphins in the oceans where they belong! 

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