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Say No To Horse Meat And Stop The Trade Now.

Friends, when a horse is sent to slaughter, it spends torturous hours on a horse trailer making the long trip to either Mexico or Canada. Then it is held for varying lengths of time before taking another crowded ride to a slaughter plant. Once there, the horses are killed by what is called a "captive bolt" method. This is a bolt, or a pin, that is meant to be plunged into their brain, killing them instantly. The problem is that it does not work with horses in the setting in which they are placed. They are not restrained properly. The bolt does not hit them in the proper place. They are terrified, hit in other parts of their body, sometimes break their necks fighting the restraints, and rarely die instantly. This is clearly torture. Anyone can see this. Is this what any of us want for ANY living creature? Please join me in signing this petition so that one day, no horse ever has to endure this suffering. Thank you very much. Denise

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