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Get More People To Support Racehorse Rescue Centre

There are many race horses that are sent to slaughter every year because their career has came to its end. They are often sent to slaughter to be butchered while still very much alive and most often conscious when they actually start dismembering them so that they can be sent across the seas to be used as a delicacy on the rich dinner tables. I know that this is an animal that is very clearly defined as not an animal that was meant for human consumption by Gods own deffinition as a animal for the consumption of humans, not to mention the drugs that are administered to these spiritual gifts of God that will cause many different forms of disease in humans if eaten as a continual part of their diets, such as different forms of cancer, and severe deadly anemias and many other forms of disease in humans. And why do you think that God would allow this to happen if they were meant to be a food source for humans. It is his way of punishing humans for eating a creation of his that is not a necessary animal to be eaten as a means of not starving to death. And in the book of Revelations it clearly defines that God himself shall return to take home his people on a great white horse and that his name shall be called faith and truth. God would not have found this to be mentionable in the Bible itself if the horse were not a spiritual favored creature of his creation. He has found great favor in the horse. So, please take the pledge today to help pass the word by simply signing your name and sending to at least 10 friends asking them to sign the petition to simply stop the slaughter of perfectly healthy horses just because they are no longer of any benefit to their rich greedy owners that see them as nothing more than just a money making machine that is totally disposable once they have earned thousands and some millions of dollars from this horse and the horses reward is to end up as some other rich greedy persons dinner. There are sanctuaries all over the US that are willing and have plenty of room for these horses. The breeders and horse racers just would rather collect a few hundred dollars more off of them than send them to a permanent home for them to spend out the rest of their lives in peace and love. What type of greed is this world coming to that the rich are worried over no more than about $300 to $700 tops more to gotten from a horse that has already made them rich? Makes no common sense at all. They claim that horses that go to slaughter are the old and sick. Not so, the old and sick get left by the road for the humane society or law enforcement to come and either have to put the horses out of their misery or scoop up a dead horse off the side of the road. The kill buyers want only the best and healthiest. They are paid a good price by the pound for the horse. The old and sick theary is just that. No truth to any of it. So, please simply sign your name and ask at least 10 friends to sign this petition also. Simple. This is all we need you to do to help save these horses. Not so hard. Thank you for your time of reading this and I hope you find this a worthy cause to sign your name to and ask 10 people or as many as you like to simply sign and do the same with their friends. Only takes a couple of minutes to do a wonderful thing for thousands of horses. Blessings to you, and thank you for your time to read my letter. Nancy Newman

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