We gather data on leopard numbers to establish the facts before it's too late.

Leopards are both legally and illegally hunted in Southern Africa. Hunting takes place even though there is insufficient information on the numbers of free roaming Leopards. Which means we don’t know if the leopard population can sustain this hunting, other than to say that our data shows that leopards are in serious decline. We do know that if one leopard is taken out there is huge impact on the eco-stucture. We want to determine the facts before it’s too late, but we need help to raise awareness and assist with our research.
Ingwe is an independently funded 'not for profit' research project (everyone is a volunteer), with the aim of gathering data on the density and behaviour of leopards (Panthera pardus) outside formally protected areas (National Parks and Nature Reserves). The vast majority of wild leopards survive outside of game reserves and it is in these areas that they are at risk.
Our aim is to enable the assimilation of accurate data on resident leopard movement and behaviour. We also need a voice both with provincial and government authorities, to stand against illegal hunting and reduce those animals that are killed as vermin, without thought of the effects on the eco-system.

You can now donate funds for the Ingwe Leopard Research

1. Leopard numbers are in serious decline

2. We operate outside of game reserves, where leopards are threatened

3. Join us at http://www.ingweleopard.com

4. http://www.ingweleopard.com/Donate.html

5. join the researcher team http://www.reserachcam.com


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