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Well written small book covers important topics the MSM does not

Why I wrote my 4th book

Eileen Fleming
  I IMAGINE that if Congress had established every June 8th to be known as USS LIBERTY Remembrance Day and if Israel had been just and merciful in 2004, '05, '06, '07, 08, '09, '10, '11 or even 2012 and allowed their Nuclear Whistle Blower the right to leave Israel, I would not have titled my fourth book, “Vanunu's WAIT for LIBERTY, Remembering…Read More

Well written books on THE important stories of our day

We Are Wide Awake.org - Eye Witness Reporting on Israel Palestine

Our Mission WAWA/WeAreWideAwake is my Public Service to America as a muckracker who has journeyed seven times to Israel Palestine since June 2005. WAWA is dedicated to confronting media and governments that shield the whole truth. We who Are Wide Awake are compelled by the "fierce urgency of Now" [Rev MLK, Jr.] to raise awareness and promote…Read More
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