How DARE you compare the atrocity of Emmett Till to the anatomy of a woman!!!! Rappers Future and Lil Wayne's release of the "Karate Chop"remix scheduled to appear on DJ Smallz’s This Is That Southern Smoke Vol. 4 which drops during All Star Weekend, includes the egregious lyrics..."Beat that p-ssy up like Emmett Till".

The rappers metaphoric indiscretion is not only OFFENSIVE to the family of Emmett Till but our ancestors and to THEMSELVES as black men.  How can a comparison be made between the gateway ofLIFEto the BRUTALITY and PUNISHMENT of DEATH? Have they no pride and dignity as black men?  They are diminishing there own existence in a society controlled by a system that criminalizes black men at every opportunity.

The name Emmett Till has resonated over 57 years in effort to educate, in tributes to his life, to demonstrate the existence of modern hate crimes, and to continue the legacy of our rich cultural history. Numerous ballads and songs HONOR his memory and the brutal torcher he endured at the tender age of 14-years-old; during a time when black people weren't even considered humans beings.

It is disappointing, dishonorable, and outright disrespectul to Emmett Till's family and our community at large. The name Emmett Till represents the eruption of a great movement in our hearts as black people and in our country. Out of respect to the family please remove that portion of your lyrics. His mother Mamie Till Mobley is doing cartwheels in her tomb!!!!!!

Until the lyrics are removed we request everyone boycott "Karate Chop" remix! I also emplore the veterans of the rap and hip hop to mentor and sensor the newborns!


Lets unite in solidarity!

Airickca Gordon-Taylor, Estate Heir & Founding Director of the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation

Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation

"Hip Hop Wired" Link to article and song


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