To protect victims of human traffickingwe demand better laws from our elected officials.

Join 1 America's Heroes Rising 1.5 million members in demanding legislation be entacted to proved victims of human trafficking with justice, treatment, and protection.

Watch the story testimony of Jenn, a courageous human trafficking victim.

1 America is an independent expenditure-only political action committee dedicated to fighting injustice. We need your help to make essential changes in our state and federal governments that will ensure the rights of human trafficking victims in the United States.

These victims are American citizens who need your help now. Your support will also help us continue our work to fight organized crime, gangs and street thugs who prey on young men and women in every community across this nation. Law enforcement and prosecutors need better laws to take these criminals down.

This small campaign needs your help to pay for the expenses related to writing legislation and making sure lawmakers to the right thing: Turn It Into Laws that give Trafficking Victims the help they need.

The only way to reduce this violent crime against innocent victims is to reduce demand through laws that increase penalties for criminals while helping the victims.

Why has nothing like this has ever been attempted? Because our culture permits men to commit these crimes with impunity. No more!Now, people will know the truth. 

Please show your support now and share this campaign with all your friends. #1America

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