CALIFORNIANS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS is an online community of parents, educators, and community stakeholders who have said, "enough is enough." We must protect our school children at all times.

This cause was formed to be action-oriented. The first cause it will undertake is to pass California State Senate Bill 10, which will empower school districts to fire teachers who commit sexual, physical abuse, or drug-related acts on their students, during the 2013 legislative session.

A similar bill in 2012 was killed due to pressure by the teachers' union in the California State Assembly Education Committee, only to face a fierce backlash from parents and other elected officials after the fact. This time, CALIFORNIANS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS will help send a clear message: Put children first -- pass S.B. 10!

CALIFORNIANS FOR SAFE SCHOOLS was founded by Filiberto Gonzalez, a social worker by training, who is a parent and business owner in the city of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.


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