Increase Awareness of Human Trafficking and Inspire Individuals to Take Action

Our Vision: A world where women and children are safe from slavery.

Our Mission: To give victims and survivors a voice in their lives, liberate victims, end slavery, and empower survivors as they create and sustain lives of dignity. 

Every year over 2 million young children and women are sold into sexual slavery. The U.S. State Department estimates 800,000 victims are trafficked across international boarders annually with 17,500 sold in the United States. Nearly 30% of the victims are between the ages of 9 and 15, and some as young as 5 or 6 years old. This $12 billion industry, protected by corrupt officials and an indifferent public, is growing larger every day. The sex slave trade has become the third most profitable criminal industry, behind only narcotics and weapons. Legislation is slow to catch up to the problem, and funding is minimal at best. Today, more people are enslaved globally than at the height of the transatlantic slave trade. Global awareness on the issue of sex slavery is extremely low.

About Somaly Mam
Somaly Mam is a survivor of the Cambodian slave trade, and one of the most prolific activists in the fight against human trafficking today. She successfully rescues and rehabilitates thousands of young women and children from brothels each year, replacing horror with hope, and victimization with emotional and economic strength. Globally recognized as visionary for her courage, dignity, and resilience, Somaly was the recipient of Glamour Magazine's 2006 Woman of the Year Award, has won accolades from the U.S. State Department, and was featured as a CNN Hero.

About the Somaly Mam Foundation
A U.S.-based 501c(3) non-profit agency, the Somaly Mam Foundation is an extension of this extraordinary woman's vision. Human trafficking is a $12 billion industry, and the fastest growing organized criminal activity in the world. More than just a Second or Third World problem, thousands of victims are trafficked into the U.S. each year. With your help, The Somaly Mam Foundation can work to slow and ultimately stop this global epidemic.

1. Anyone can make a difference in the fight to end slavery

2. Slavery is a violation of universal human rights

3. There are more slaves now than ever in history, slavery must be stopped

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