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Help Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue

I want to save senior animals because I believe they have a right to live as long as they enjoy a quality of life. They have so much love to give and are a population that is often discrimated against because of age and medical challenge. You can help by adopting a senior animal, advocating for senior animals among family and friends who may be considering adoption, and donate of your dollars, volunteer hours, or special talents to a rescue, shelter or sanctuary. You will be improving their quality of life and yours, at the same time. Do something to make a difference - the animals are counting on you!

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Kelly Giannetti

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Help Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue

Because when I see the sadness and despair in wondering what more they could've done to make their person not have dumped them, the confusion and bewilderment as they thought all these years they had been pleasing their person, the fear that they did something wrong and that their person no longer loves them and on top of that finds themselves in a cold, noisy place that smells of sickness and death laying on a cold hard floor surrounded by unfriendly people instead of in their soft, cozy bed in their person's warm home with good food to eat and fresh water to drink with daily walks and playtime...when you see these faces in these shelters and wonder how a family of a person who has passed can just dump their family member's fur baby in a high kill shelter without a second thought that this person's dog may also be grieving at the loss of their person and now the family basically throws them away to die, too?! How people dump their senior dogs now that their health isn't as good and they don't have the time or money to spend with the dog who never left your side when you were sick. To see the faces of these seniors now facing a painful, lonely, and terrifying death sickens me and I'm ashamed at what the human race has turned into. This is why I want to bring attention to our deserving senior pets!

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