Homeschooled students should be allowed to play school sports, if they meet the same obligations as the enrolled students? T.S.S.A.A. (Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association) thinks so and they have set up guidelines for just this reason. The parents of homeschooled students pay the same taxes as everyone else. These taxes support public schools, so why punish homeschooled students? When homeschooled students reach the 6th or 7th grade there are no community sports leagues for them to participate in.

Playing school sports gives many advantages to its participants. For instance:

kids stay busy, therefore, out of trouble
growth of physical prowess
improve overall health and wellness
build self esteem
social interaction
The county I live in will not allow homeschooled students to participate in public school sports. Weakley County, Tennessee.

If you would like to voice your support to the board of education call or email the Director of Schools Randy Frazier 731-364-2247 [email protected]

Please sign this petition to aid our cause throughout this nation.


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