Ban this cruel activity! Believe it or not, it's happening in WV!!!

This procedure must be ~completely~ banned by the state to force these organizations to change. The practice is inhumane because it takes the animals between 25-35mins to die a slow death, while clawing through and suffocating in a heap of other dogs and cats.

Our solution, although we prefer none were killed, is to euthanize via injection. A process which is painless, quick and no more expensive that the current practice.

Currently = Senate Bill No. 501 (Passed May 2009) claims to prohibit the euthanizing of animals by use of a gas chamber. However, this Bill has numerous exeptions allowing the procedure! The Bill states that any county which has a Gas Chamber in operation, as of the effective date of this section, may continue to operate the gas chamber. I.E. Gas Chambers Have NOT Been Banned in WV – Only Semi-Restricted!!!

Additionally, this Bill reads that if “an animal cannot be humanely destroyed in an expeditious manner, an animal may be destroyed by shooting” – This is simply not good enough!

Death by CO poisoning can be slow and terrifying," says Daphna Nachminovitch, vice president of cruelty investigations for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. "During the process, which can take 30 minutes, panicked animals may gasp for breath, try to claw out of the chamber, and even attack each other."
Twelve states currently ban carbon monoxide gas chamber use as a means of animal euthanasia.

• Arizona
• Arkansas
• California
• Delaware
• Florida
• Maine
• Maryland
• New Jersey
• Oregon
• Rhode Island
• Tennessee
• Virginia

Source: The Humane Society of the United State

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