Can We Count You In?

  • Update #13

It is as we said it would be *sigh* From the begining we said that the cuts would have a negative impact on people with a disability and this we all knew but we have also been saying that these cuts to social care services would have a knock on effect on the…Read More

​Ashya King and family

  • Update #11

I would like you to take a few minutes to think about and read about Ashya King. I and many others believe that what is being done to the parents of Ashya king is wrong and not justified at all. We call on the Uk government to stop this manhunt and allow the…Read More

Important Update - The Pines

  • Update #9

Campaigners against the closure are meeting tonight and I will be attending to offer my full support to the residents, families and workers. However, I have received some really disturbing information. I am informed that some of the residents of The Pines…Read More

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